Doula Services

I am here to serve you; whether that be for fertility support/education/resourcing, birth education, prep and support, postpartum support or you need an AFFORDABLE private esthetician. 

As your birth doula, I am not here to tell you what to do. You already know what to do. Yet, I will always be by your side to educate, empower and guide you. You will not be alone. Your body is so powerful and capable – more than you can imagine. Even if you’re a first-time birthing Mom, Dad, PaPa, Nini, or whatever your preferred pronouns are. I am here for you. I am a trained birth worker and more then passionate enough, to support you.
**Please Note a few important things about me and the services I provide before you continue to read. This may determine if we are a good fit to start out, Thank you for taking the time to read through the following:
(1) I offer different levels and other types of support such as:
  • Fertility education, fertility guidance and fertility support 
    • I am partnered with Mosie Baby – Mosie has streamlined the conception process with a safe, simple, and affordable insemination option that’s comparable or superior to other methods.
    • Who can use Mosie? Mosie has helped people from all walks of life including: couples with Unexplained Infertility, LGBTQ+ families, those with vaginismus (painful intercourse), endometriosis and tilted uterus, as well as male factor issues like low motility, low sperm count, and performance anxiety, as well as single mothers by choice (SMC), and frustrated hetero couples that need a break from the stress and want to know they’ve done everything they can before investing in more costly clinical options.
  • Lotus Birth; I can provide materials needed. Or I can support you in preforming your beautiful lotus birth, at your birth if scheduling can work out.
  • Postpartum support
    • I have pricing available for non-contracted hourly help
    • I also have organized and thought-out Postpartum packages that can be scheduled – so long as your postpartum period you are scheduling for, doesn’t interfere with an active birth client.
    • My “First 40 Days” postpartum package seems to be the most popular. Send a contact form today to ask about this exclusive package! 🙂
  • Various levels of loss support and resourcing
    • Professional training certificate received
  • Pssst – don’t forget – Private virtual or in-person Skincare services also provided
    • I am a Colorado state Board-Certified Aesthetician who travels to my private clients, in the safety of their own home. I also provide skincare routine guidance and education for all.
(2) It is important to me, my children, and my business that use as neutral language. As much as possible. In my website and social media. And in my life. I will always, clarify pronouns. Let’s get specific my beautiful birthing human reader:
  • I have a passion for the care and advocacy of the black, brown, indigenous birthing people. I see you. 
  • I provide support to a handful of low-income individuals and their families, per year. Sometimes more. I see you. 
  • I provide support to any and all who identify with the LGBTQIA+ community. I see you. 
  • Let’s clear that up: an abbreviation for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Pansexual, Transgender, Genderqueer, Queer, Intersexed, Agender,  Asexual, Ally AND MORE community.” Please feel free to contact me if I have possible used an out-dated abbreviation. Thank you!
(3) Once we have established what your preferred pronouns are – I will aim to get it right, every time. It is not hard when the effort is there, am I right folks? 
Because this is the most asked about service outside of skincare –
A sneak peek into what to expect if I am your birth doula:
You can expect to spend beautiful quality time together getting to know each other.
We’ll chat about your birth preferences, your dream birth, and your ideal birth – yes, they are different. We can go through questions, and concerns from you and birth partner(s).
We’ll address your pain points, fears, any past experiences that resonate. And anything else that might hinder your most open and empowering birth experience.
There will be lots of helpful information on what to expect. This includes but is not limited to; education about your body, your baby, and the role of hormones in birth.
We will also have way more fun than anyone ever anticipates. Including me! I will support in helping you get in touch with your instinctual and primal birthing side.
I will guide you with easy breathing exercises. Relax-under-touch techniques. Raw artistic expression (no experience needed). And even some primal and animal-like noises! To shoo-off your inhibitions and get you happy & laughing of course!
You should expect to learn about the Traditional Mexican Rebozo. And all its magic for pain and discomfort during pregnancy, labor, birth. And even in postpartum.
Did I mention I am also a Colorado state licensed esthetician? 
Also receive an optional series of bump-oriented skincare services during our time together.
My most popular long-term birth support package is a $1100 value. This package includes, but is not limited to the following:
  • 3 (minimum) prenatal appointments; I prefer to visit up once per month during our contracted time together, if all our schedules permit. *Pending travel fees if you are farther than 40 miles in one direction. 
  • Attending your labor and the birth of your child(ren). This includes home births, outdoor births, birthing centers, and hospitals. 
  • *Due to covid-19 restrictions; some in-person support may not be available at some Colorado state hospitals.
  • 1st postpartum appointment – This is when I will come to your home for a visit, no more than 7 days after the baby is home, if not birthed at home. If the baby was born at home, I will visit the home again, no longer than 7 days as well, after birth.
  • This visit is to provide resources and any support that may be needed after birth.
  • We also will debrief your birth experience at this appointment.
  • 2nd postpartum appointment – This is when I will come to your home and treat you to a complimentary postpartum facial treatment. In the comfort of your own home, so we can stop as often as needed for that little one that may be there with us.

Too much money? I understand and respect ALL budgets during this sensitive time. I may have a payment plan option for YOU!

If you are interested in birth support services but on a customizable level – PLEASE REACH OUT.

  • All birth support services can be customized on a pick-and-choose basis.
  • Some birth clients choose to only get the bump-oriented skincare services, some choose the bump-oriented skincare and basic labor and birth education, and some choose to only get support to develop the birth plan and have the support in-person during labor and birth of their child.
  • The possibilities are endless. REACH OUT and let’s set up a time to talk so build you the support you’re looking for.
  • Feeling financially trapped and worried that you will be ALONE? Or maybe you KNOW you will be alone for your birth? PLEASE contact me directly to talk about pricing or other compensations. NO ONE SHOULD BE WITHOUT SUPPORT!

Doula – birth work Service Area:

My doula and birth work support service area is up to 75 miles one-way, in any direction from my home, near zip code Golden, Colorado.

*Note: I have and will take clients further away, on a case-by-case scenario. Just ask! 🙂