This is my first pregnancy what do I do now?
This is my first pregnancy, now what do I do? A blog by Cema Souza; Owner, Doula and Esthetician in Colorado.

Positive. Pregnant. Double-lines. “You are pregnant”. Maybe you tried for this pregnancy. Maybe you didn’t. What do you do now that you know that you are expecting? You may be asking yourself many questions. Where do I start? Who should I tell? How do I know what the right thing is for me? Wait! How do I know what is the right thing for me in ANY of this pregnancy journey? I have described this feeling to my birth clients & fertility clients turned to birth clients as such: Standing out in the rain without an umbrella, except the rain drops are questions and thoughts and scenarios.

The first thing I always recommend, personally and professionally – is to stay as calm as possible between thoughts. The 2nd thing I recommend is telling your partner, if you have one, or telling 1 safe person until 12 weeks or more, along. The beginning stages of pregnancy is truly a sacred time to be respected. Your body is going through so many changes. Oh and of course the third and most obvious to most readers, is that you are in the beginning stages of growing not only a developing human, but also a developing placenta. I REPEAT – YOU ARE GROWING A HUMAN BEING, WHILE ALSO GROWING A SINGLE-USE-ORGAN! Yes, you should feel extremely proud of what your body is doing right now!

Another recommendation is to start researching what type of birth is right for you. Are you looking to give birth undisturbed, where you want to? Where you can draw the curtains, adjust the temperature, lay in your own bed or watch your own TV. Shower and go potty in your own bathroom? Eat whatever you want, when you want because no one will get disturbed if you vomit or have a bowel movement where you are at? Then you should consider researching planning for a home birth with the support of a Midwife and a doula. You can also feel free to look into not just a home birth but a FREE birth at home.

Maybe you are looking for more of a home environment but not to actually give birth at home. Then you may want to research if birthing at a free-standing birth center is an option for you. A birthing center is typically staffed by a dedicated group of individuals – certified nurse midwives, registered nurses, and office staff. Their team create a tranquil space to support and nurture each client with education and evidence based care.

The other common option is of course to choose the medical industrial-complex. Better-known as the hospital. The big thing different at a hospital versus a home birth/birth center would be the ability for them to tend to an emergency in the building & provide an epidural. The other differences are pretty easy to figure out when comparing to birthing at home or in a birth center.

Experiencing pregnancy and birth for the first time (or second…third…or more) can be daunting, but try not to stress – reach out for support wherever you can. There is not one right place to give birth, but it’s important to find what’s right for YOU! And remember…always always, find a doula! 🙂 See my previous blog with a short discussion of what a doula can do for you.

Also see this article from one of my favorite resources – Click HERE for the Evidence Based Birth article “Evidence on: Doulas”

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