Early Fertility or conception journey Support, pregnancy, birth preparation, lotus births, postpartum, child/pregnancy loss/abortion and skincare. These are my areas of support as your doula.

Are you planning a natural, unmedicated and empowered birth of your dreams? Are you wondering what you need to do for nutrition for fertility? Have you experienced a pregnancy loss, recently or in the past? Are you only looking for help with preparing or purchasing materials for a Lotus Birth?

I support seasoned parents, new parents, parents-to-be and those who have experienced loss. As a Doula, you will find how passionate about anything related to birth, in our first interaction. I know what you must be thinking, but I am here to tell you a secret. Birth is and should be normal, physiological, educated and empowered, for all birthing mothers and fathers. If there is one thing you can feel comforted knowing; it’s that YOU knowing YOUR RIGHTS as a BIRTHING PERSON, it my top priority.

So I can support you with the birth preference plan, preparing and educating you for a Lotus Birth (I love working with other Doula’s to perform the lotus birth!). I can also guide you with inspiring ideas about what type of birth experience you are looking for. Or maybe you are nervous about what sounds and bodily fluids will come during labor and birth – we can learn about that too! Primal birthing sound preparation can also be included.

We do not have to WORK together to start getting to know each other first!

I’m as curious about you! Let’s plan a call, zoom or an in-person social-distanced meeting. You’ll get to know me, I’ll learn all about you. Who knows, you may decide that I DO fit into your future plans.

Because after all, it is all about you, right?

Contact me today and let’s chat!